workother is a site focused on sourcing “workother freelancers.” Recruiters can search for talent by time zone, country, and language, and filter by skillset. Freelancers skilled in creative design, IT development, writing, and more can be found on the platform.


LocalSolo also helps businesses find the top freelancers in their locality. Businesses can choose between free and paid options, which come with boosted traffic to job posts, and priority talent matching.


Onsite is a curated marketplace of freelancers for on-site or off-site opportunities. Onsite is an invite-only platform with all freelancers required to provide work examples prior to admission. Onsite does not take commission from clients.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour Freelancing

Peopleperhour’s platform allows freelancers to search for jobs, and clients can directly contact freelancers after reviewing their profiles and portfolios. The platform is geared towards small businesses, which can award projects based on proposals, and hold payments in escrow until work is reviewed.


Speedlancer’s selling point is its promise to deliver finished projects within 4 hours. Based on project descriptions, “speedlancers” select projects which they commit to completing within 4 hours, notwithstanding revision requests.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a platform designed for digital nomads looking for remote jobs. Recruiters pay a fee to post their job listing for temporary or regular employment.


Yeeply has a vetting process where 5% of candidates are passed into the talent pool. Clients provide the details of their project and then invite freelancers to submit project proposals. Yeeply takes responsibility for crafting formal project proposals with the freelancer and ensuring the contract is carried out.

Freelance Websites for Design

Need some creative design work done? Some design-based platforms have built-up strong networks of professionals who share designs, refer jobs, and endorse one another — check out this section for some worthy design-focused Upwork alternatives.


Crowdspring for Freelance Design

Crowdspring guarantees delivery of a design within 7 days. Payment is made upfront through one of three differently priced membership packages. Clients create a project brief, review submissions, and pick a winning design to move forward.


DesignCue allows clients to submit a brief on their project and consult with a “design concierge” to recruit a designer for web icons, logo design, brand design, illustration, app design, prototyping, and more.


Designhill offers various services for clients to fill their design needs. Clients can launch contests and view hundreds of submissions, browse curated galleries, or select a designer directly from the design category that best suits their project.


Dribbble Freelance Designers

Dribbble Scout is a platform for finding and hiring designers. It builds its talent pool from Dribbble’s original site — a community for designers to share screenshots of their work, process, and projects. The paid service for clients comes in at $99 per month.