Many establishments do not allow beach lovers to wear a swimsuit alone, so cover-up is essential for the beach here. My favorites are made by prAna, because they are a sustainable brand with clothes that last a long time. My family travels with a variety of zip-style bags. We use the largest for wet bathing suits and to transport bottles of shampoos, body flushes and other liquids so that they do not end up in the suitcases. Medium sized lockable bags are BIG to protect cell phones when they are by the pool or on the beach.

If you’re really wondering what to bring to the beach, you need a fridge. I mean, for every day trip to the beach you want some cold drinks. After we throw out our bathing suits, this is the first thing we pack.

So when Cacique Intimates asked me to make a list of beach holidays, I took a deep breath, contacted myself and … Look, even non-beach 1 bedroom apartment near Westheimer people love Hawaii, that’s fine? I’m not sure where you are, but the weather in SoCal is pretty hot and even hotter by summer.

It is always good to have at least six months in your passport before it expires, so always check your expiration date so you can order a new one before the trip arrives. We collect air sickness bags from every plane we fly on for our three children who suffer from dizziness. We keep them in our hand luggage for taxi rides or for super hot airports with long immigration lines. We also put them in the beanbag of our car for road trips and we always have a spare in their backpacks. This way we are always ready for that unexpected nice belly. Unfortunately, I have personal experience with the devastating effects of carbon monoxide.

Depending on the type of trip you make, you may need to invest in special travel equipment. We’ve tried everything from a lighthouse to interchangeable heels so you can trust our recommendations. If you are on your way to an organized group trip, chances are you will get a packing list from the tour provider, which should make your travel planning easier. Otherwise, research online and see this story for other useful tip lists.

Keep a bag of essential items handy when flying. This saves you time and energy when you get on the plane. Keep a bag in your hand luggage with what you want for your flight .

Whether you are traveling with a backpack, suitcase or just loading your car, a few packing blocks make it much easier to stay organized. We always travel with a dry bag, whether it is a beach holiday or not. They pack easily and are lightweight, so there’s really no reason not to have one. You can’t go to the beach and pack sandals, they are beach needs. Seriously, they are a staple for every beach packaging list.

We always travel with our portable combination of smoke detector and carbon monoxide. It doesn’t cost much and it’s so small and easy to pack that we don’t even think about it, it’s getting ready in our suitcase for the next trip. You just can’t guarantee the accommodation worldwide and with many of us using that home rental, it’s even more important to keep your family safe.

Usually I am stuck in a hotel room with my children and noise comes from somewhere. In any case, my serene hotel room is not that quiet place we all thought we would get when I started planning our family vacation. That is why I always pack a portable sound machine. A sound machine creates a constant sleeping environment for my children that they are used to at home. It also blocks extra noise and allows me to keep working late long after they go to bed.