Sports entertainment and sports are two words that come to mind to any sports fan. The inner competition of sports matches is like no other.

 In a single match, fans can root for their favorite teams with abandon. They cheer for the winning team and throw spanners in the works of their rivals.

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Sports broadcasting is the largest sector of media entertainment, growing at a rate of 7 percent per year. It is estimated that sports have a monthly viewership of more than 500 million in the US.

What sets sports apart from other forms of entertainment is that fans still come back to watch games.

The match and the action are still the biggest attraction. While some may watch TV, a large number of fans still prefer to follow their favorite teams.

If you are thinking about embarking on a career in sports broadcasting, you will find an abundance of opportunities with various sports leagues, teams, sports streaming, and TV channels all over the world.

You will be asked to help out the team, from setting up the broadcasts to audio-visual arrangements. If you have sound, photography, film editing, or event management skills, you can go into production and post-production work, or become a commentator. You can even become a pitchman or TV presenter.

Sports broadcasting also offers the opportunity to work in remote areas, including Africa, where fans can follow matches with little or no access to TV signals.

Depending on your choice of career, you can work with international teams as well as local teams, such as Interpol in the US, the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team, and the Nigeria Women National Volleyball team.To get started, look for an agency or company that will train and mentor you to work in sports broadcasting. Many of these firms are either global organizations or may specialize in particular sports.