Tag: Ransomware

  • CISOs face ‘perfect storm’ of ransomware, state-backed crime • The Register

    With not just ransomware gangs raiding network after network, but nation states consciously turning a blind eye to it, today’s chief information security officers are caught in a “perfect storm,” says Cybereason CSO Sam Curry. “There’s this marriage right now of financially motivated cybercrime that can have a critical infrastructure and economic impact,” Curry said […]

  • Exotic Lily sells ransomware groups access to targets • The Register

    A group with links to high-profile ransomware crews Conti and Diavol is working as an internet access broker (IAB) for a Russia-linked cybercriminal gang, according to Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG). Exotic Lily gains access to vulnerable corporate networks then sells that access to the highest bidder among threat groups, which then run ransomware and […]

  • Ransomware gang is targeting US critical infrastructure • The Register

    A ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) group that has been around since last summer is targeting critical infrastructure in the United States, according to federal law enforcement agencies. Targets include assets used in the financial services, manufacturing and government sectors, the Feds said. The AvosLocker ransomware has targeted multiple victims across the country, according to the joint advisory […]