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  • Microsoft Visual Studio turns 25 • The Register

    Microsoft is celebrating 25 years of Visual Studio, as devs take a moment to ponder whether another quarter of a century of Microsoft’s flagship Integrated Development Environment is in the cards. Visual Studio was first unleashed in 1997 and marked the first time Microsoft bundled so many of its development tools in one place, including […]

  • Microsoft investigates Lapsus$ claim of Bing, Cortana theft • The Register

    The Lapsus$ extortion gang briefly alleged over the weekend it had compromised Microsoft. The devil-may-care cyber-crime ring has previously boasted of breaking into Nvidia, Samsung, Ubisoft, and others. Its modus operandi is to infiltrate a big target’s network, exfiltrate sensitive internal data, and then make demands to prevent the public release of this material – […]

  • Microsoft cites risk of digital overload as flexible work creates potential “24/7 workday”

    Microsoft released new data on work trends at companies around the world, along with new Microsoft Teams features to support hybrid meetings. (Microsoft Photo) The average workday span has increased 13%, or 46 minutes, in the past two years, as people continue to log on earlier and sign off later than they did prior to […]

  • Microsoft adds Pasqal’s neutral-atom processors to Azure Quantum

    Pasqal’s Fresnel quantum computer makes use of the company’s neutral-atom technology. (Pasqal Photo) Microsoft’s Azure Quantum cloud computing service will be adding a brand-new tool to its toolbox: Pasqal’s neutral-atom quantum processing system. When the French company’s system becomes available later this year, it will provide a method for processing data that’s different from the […]