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  • Customer data leaking via SAP community site • The Register

    A website for SAP’s Customer Influence programs is exposing member data, creating the possibility for targeted social-engineering attacks. At the time of publication, the website is no longer accessible. The programs are designed to help customers and long-standing users make suggestions to SAP about how it can improve its products and add new features. Ideas […]

  • Counterfeit chips threaten national security • The Register

    Counterfeiters are making the most of the ongoing electronics supply crunch by peddling sham semiconductors to desperate buyers – and it’s caught the attention of governments. In a report [PDF] out this month, the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol highlighted the dangers of knockoff semiconductors to critical infrastructure as well as people’s private devices. […]

  • CISOs face ‘perfect storm’ of ransomware, state-backed crime • The Register

    With not just ransomware gangs raiding network after network, but nation states consciously turning a blind eye to it, today’s chief information security officers are caught in a “perfect storm,” says Cybereason CSO Sam Curry. “There’s this marriage right now of financially motivated cybercrime that can have a critical infrastructure and economic impact,” Curry said […]

  • AI drug algorithms can be flipped to generate bioweapons • The Register

    AI algorithms designed to generate therapeutic drugs can be easily repurposed to invent lethal biochemical weapons, a US startup has warned. Experts have sounded alarm bells over the potential for machine-learning systems to be used for good and bad. Computer-vision tools can create digital art or deepfakes. Language models can produce poetry or toxic misinformation. […]

  • ITC judge recommends banning toner imports to US • The Register

    A bunch of toner manufacturers and sellers have infringed on Japanese electronics outfit Canon’s patents, according to an initial finding from the US International Trade Commission (ITC), with a judge recommending imports of their products be banned. The notice [PDF] from an administrative law judge this week said an Initial Determination (ID) was made on […]

  • Microsoft Visual Studio turns 25 • The Register

    Microsoft is celebrating 25 years of Visual Studio, as devs take a moment to ponder whether another quarter of a century of Microsoft’s flagship Integrated Development Environment is in the cards. Visual Studio was first unleashed in 1997 and marked the first time Microsoft bundled so many of its development tools in one place, including […]

  • Exotic Lily sells ransomware groups access to targets • The Register

    A group with links to high-profile ransomware crews Conti and Diavol is working as an internet access broker (IAB) for a Russia-linked cybercriminal gang, according to Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG). Exotic Lily gains access to vulnerable corporate networks then sells that access to the highest bidder among threat groups, which then run ransomware and […]

  • Devs of new filesystem try for Linux kernel again • The Register

    The lead developer of the bcachefs filesystem is gunning to get it accepted into the Linux kernel… again. The story of bcachefs is quite long-running, and this isn’t the first time – nor even the first time this year the project has attempted this. The filesystem has been around for a while; The Reg first […]

  • AMD and more join AlmaLinux OS Foundation • The Register

    The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is pulling in new members from the world of mainframes, hosting and IT services to contribute to the project and deliver a community-supported Linux compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The non-profit organization that oversees AlmaLinux said four new entrants had arrived, with AMD, BlackHOST, and KnownHost joining at the […]

  • Cyclops Blink malware sets up shop in ASUS routers • The Register

    Cyclops Blink malware has infected ASUS routers in what Trend Micro says looks like an attempt to turn these compromised devices into command-and-control servers for future attacks. ASUS says it’s working on a remediation for Cyclops Blink and will post software updates if necessary. The hardware maker recommends users reset their gateways to factory settings […]