The countercurrent insignia are connected to a screw and nut or horizontal safety pin. Some parts soviet collectibles had a manufacturer mark on the back. The nut has a diameter of 17.9 mm and weighs 1.9-2.4 g.

Foreign tourists are superimposed by young children offering a handful of insignia, known in Russian as “znachki”, instead of ex for chewing gum. When foreign sports teams arrive, they are surrounded by znachki collectors looking for a precious foreign pin. Get the best Collectibles deals from the Russian and Soviet space program when you buy the largest online selection on Free shipping on many items ″ Explore your favorite brands  affordable prices. Vintage Tie Tack with Soccer Player Tie Pin Soccer Theme Sports Necklace Accessory, Hummingbird Chain Hummingbird Streamline Gift Present Flying Bird Jewelry Custom Charm.

The insignia is covered with a red enameled five-pointed star with the hammer and sickle source emblem in the center and radiant rays under the glaze. On the back of the badge was a serial number engraved with a burin tool. Meaning of the Shooting Competition Prize “For the Good Memory of the Soviet Army”, Estonian version, 1959 number, with the original case. The badge is of spectacular quality and is in excellent condition.

Excellence in the D.O.S.A.F. Issued to D.O.S.A.F. staff of excellence in supporting the armed forces. While the enormous interest in znachki in Russia has largely diminished, some fans are still on the hunt. For Mikhail Semenov, a 33-year-old artist and designer who blogs about the history of his hometown, Sergiev Posad, and the city of pint, it is part of a greater fascination for the past. “Znachki is a story about the city,” he says in Russian. It is astonished at the meticulous designs packed in a small space and how the pins show changes in Sergiev Posad’s weapon.

Explore our huge collection of Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian pins to obtain authentic collectibles. Whether you want to add to your military collection, are interested in Russian history, are looking for an addition to a costume or just want to brighten up an outfit, you will definitely find something unique here. Great medal of the IV Army Tourist Rally commemorating the 40th anniversary of the victory over Germany, 1985. Warrior “gold” chest badge – Athlete, from the late 1970s to 1991. Good memory badge of the Soviet forces, type 3, around the sixties and seventies. Pocket “Войска ПВО страны” March 31, 1975 Awarded to members of the Soviet air defense forces for exemplary performance in military duties in air defense alarm teams over a five-year period.

In excellent condition; contains original coin marked screw plate. Badges manufactured by the Moscow-based factory “Pobeda” (Pobeda means “Victoria” in Russian). The frame circumference and suspension lines are made in a bronze outline, the badge is covered with light blue or dark blue enamel, the back is flat or raised. The insignia measures 39.7×17.4-17.9 mm; distance between the edges of the star – 9 mm; weight on average 3.5-4.8 g. The insignia measures 40.6-41.0×17.4 mm; distance between the edges of the star – 8.9 mm; weight on average 4.2-4.9 g.